Playing Chuck-a-Luck

The casino is filled with a lot of different fun and exciting games as the other alternatives to mobile casino malaysia. From poker to blackjack, to Texas Hold’em and Craps, there is a lot of amazing stuff that you can do to pass the time in there.

One of the most interesting and fun games (at least for me) is the Chuck-a-Luck. This game is actually quite old and it was first played in Nevada and in California mining camps with many different variations. Despite its different varieties, the game is played like the popular English game Hazard, but with one key difference. Instead of using only two dice, the game uses three big ones, much like the game of Sic-Bo.

What is Chuck-a-Luck and How Do You Play It?Even though the game is very easy to play, it might still be challenging to find it in casinos since there are not a lot of them that offer the Chuck-a-luck. But, if you do find one, then you’re going to have the chance to play one of the most enjoyable casino games out there.

The premise of the game is simple. There are three huge dice that are enclosed in what is sort of a metal cage (otherwise known as the cage or birdcage). Once the dice are set, the cage will then be turned upside down so that the original dice will be set in a new position (all with different values when they drop).

The bets are placed before the cage is turned upside down and the bets are then paid after it is done. The betting layout is actually quite simple, making this game very appealing to beginners.

Players can choose from about five different types of bets. Wagers are made by placing some chips on the table (but there are times where cash can be placed if it is accepted); specifically, inside the boxed numbers that are shown on the layout.

The bets should be placed in a number that the player believes will be the dice total after the next spin of the cage.

Single Numbers Bet

In this betting structure, you can bet on single numbers from 1-6 and you will be paid more money for each dice that comes up on the number that you chose.

What is Chuck-a-Luck and How Do You Play It?For instance, if you bet a number 4 and one dice has that specific number, you will be given a 1-1 pay. If two dice came with the same number, you are paid 2-1. If all of the three dice came with a 4, then you will be paid 3-1. The total house edge on any given number bet is approximately 7.87 percent.

Field Bet

This is basically betting on a range of numbers for you to win. You can secure the victory if all of the three dice will be anywhere between 3 and 7 or 13 and 18. If the dice is anywhere between 8 and 12, you lose. You will win a 1-1 split or otherwise known as the even pay.

High and Low Bets

A wager is considered to be “high” if the total of the dice would be anywhere over 11. A wager is considered to be “low” if the total is under 11. Should you get the same number on all three dice (also known as a “three of a kind”), then you’re going to lose. The house edge on a high or low bet is approximately 2.86%.